Journal of Neurological Sciences (Turkish) 2017 , Vol 34 , Num 3
Consecutive Coil Migrations Through Solitaire AB Stents During Stent-assisted Coiling of an Aneurysm: A Case Report
1Regional Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases Center, Dong-A University Hospital, Radiology, Busan, Korea, Republic Of
2Regional Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases Center, Dong-A University Hospital, Neurosurgery, Busan, Korea, Republic Of
DOI : 10.24165/jns.7801.14 Endovascular treatment has been established as a safe and efficacious approach to the treatment of cerebral aneurysms. These stents provide support to decrease the risk of coil herniation. However, complications associated with stent-assisted embolization include aneurysm recurrence, stent migration, in-stent stenosis, and hemorrhagic and thromboembolic complications. Herein, we report a case of consecutive coil migrations into the distal middle cerebral artery (MCA) during stent-assisted coil embolization. F/U 1-month perfusion magnetic resonance imaging showed no hypoperfusion in the MCA territory. Keywords : Stent, koil migrasyonu; geniş-boyunlu anevrizma; intrakraniyel anevrizma