Journal of Neurological Sciences (Turkish) 2017 , Vol 34 , Num 2
Measuring the Posterior Fossa with Neuronavigation in Patients with Chiari Type 1 Malformation and the Relation Between the Syrinx Cavity and Posterior Fossa Volume
Şükrü ORAL1,Ahmet KÜÇÜK2,Abdulfettah TÜMTÜRK 2,Murat ÇİFTÇİ 2,Ahmet MENKÜ 2
1Department of Neurosurgery, Ministry of Health, Training and Research Hospital, Kayseri, Turkey
2Department of Neurosurgery, Erciyes University Medical Faculty Kayseri, Turkey
DOI : 10.24165/jns.8782.15 Objective: To measure posterior fossa volumes in patients with type 1 chiari malformation (type 1 CM) and the normal population using neuronavigation, and to evaluate the relation between posterior fossa volume in patients with type 1 CM and the syrinx cavity.

Materials and Methods: In this study, the posterior fossa volumes of 72 patients (36M, 36F) with type 1 CM were measured using a neuronavigation device. Normal posterior fossa volumes were obtained from a healthy control group (n=70; 35M, 35F). Posterior fossa limits were marked within the axial sections, and three-dimensional images were obtained through the neuronavigation device"s programme. Posterior fossa volumes were measured using planimetric three-dimensional images. Syrinx cavity measurements were performed through T1 sagittal magnetic resonance imaging, by calculating the width of the cavity"s spinal cord ratio. Results were compared statistically with posterior fossa volumes.

Results: The average posterior fossa volumes of the female patients with type 1 CM and female controls were 154.83 m3 and 168.39 cm3, respectively. The average posterior fossa volumes of male patients with type 1 CM and male controls were 163.26 m3 and 182.6 cm3, respectively. A statistically significant volume difference was found between patients with type 1 CM and the controls p<0.001.

Conclusion: Neuronavigation devices and programs provide great benefits in spinal or cardinal anatomic and pathologic examinations of any part. It is quite advantageous to obtain three-dimensional images in morphometric analyzes such as posterior fossa volume measurement. Keywords : Type 1 Chiari, posterior fossa volume, neuronavigation